Mo, 14. Mai. 2018   Latif, Shahid

Talking Realities: Data-Driven Audio Guides for Virtual Reality

Interacting with a Virtual City

We are offering a project group (Master) in the coming semester. The working language would be English.

With the advancement of virtual reality technology, moving from existing two-dimensional representations of geographic data towards the creation of three-dimensional navigable virtual maps becomes appealing. Virtual reality can provide an immersive experience by simulating city models or virtual landscapes, where the user can freely explore the virtual environment and projected data. To further enhance the immersion, the system might present annotations of relevant data insights on demand as the user moves through the environment. Considering it is not easy to read textual explanations in a virtual environment, a promising solution are audio explanations based on the analysis of the data presented and geographic context. Talking Realities will be an interactive virtual reality system that uses natural language generation to automatically create audio explanations from data and present them adapting to the user’s interaction with the virtual environment. Interacting with a Virtual City [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0e/Interacting_with_CityCluster.jpg]