Tue, 06. Aug. 2019   Beck, Fabian

Finding the Root Cause: Why Software Gets Slower

Two new approaches for monitoring software performance will be presented at the international conference VISSOFT 2019

The developers of a software change its program code on a daily basis in order to integrate new functionality or to solve problems. However, it often goes unnoticed that, with some changes, the execution speed of the software becomes slower and slower - a performance regression occurs. Reasons can be additional checks, carelessness of the developers or similar. With two new approaches that use visualizations to represent performance data, we want to help developers to recognize such degradation early and support them to quickly uncover their causes. One approach integrates small visualizations into a tool that developers use to manage code changes. The second approach adds a comprehensive visual analysis system that correlates changes in execution behavior with changes in program code.

This fall, we will present these two approaches at the VISSOFT 2019 conference in Cleveland, USA, the first as a contribution to "New Ideas and Emerging Results" (details), the second as a "Technical Paper" (details). The approaches were developed in the DFG-funded project "SoftwareDynamics²" together with scientists from South America.