Thu, 03. Aug. 2017   Beck, Fabian

Software Visualization - Method Executions and Development Processes

Two publications of the research group will be presented at the international conference VISSOFT 2017 in Shanghai, China.

Method Execution Reports

What happens exactly during the execution of a software system? Software engineers ask that question every day when extending or improving a program. However, thousands of instructions are executed during runtime within a fraction of a second - hence, analyzing the execution behavior is a complex tasks. For such investigations, developers usually employ specialized profiling and debugging tools, whose interface and usage are complex as well. Our Method Execution Reports now provide a more accessible starting point for such an analysis. The reports are self-explaining summaries of each a program execution with respect to a previously selected program part (a method). The summaries comprise individually generated text integrated with graphical representations. They describe the interplay of a selected method with other program parts as well as the performance of the method execution.  The publication is joint work with University of Chile and Universität Stuttgart. It will be presented as a full paper at VISSOFT 2017 and will appear in the conference proceedings. More information and examples are available on the project's webpage.

A Dashboard for Visualizing Software Processes

Software development is a complex endeavor that requires coordinating numerous work processes. We developed a virtual dashboard solution that supports the involved managers and developers in monitoring and steering the development process. We build on the ESSENCE standard, which allows for describing the processes in a concise and comparable way. This is joint work with the Specification of Software Systems research group (UDE/paluno). The work will be presented as a tool paper at VISSOFT 2017 and will appear in the conference proceedings. An interactive example is available online.