Publications of the research group that appeared 2016 or later. For earlier publications, please visit Fabian Beck's Google Scholar or DBLP profile.


Dynamic graph visualization focuses on the challenge of representing the evolution of relationships between entities in readable, scalable, and effective diagrams. This work surveys the growing number of approaches in this discipline. We derive a hierarchical taxonomy of techniques by systematically categorizing and tagging publications. While static graph visualizations are often divided into node-link and matrix representations, we identify the representation of time as the major distinguishing feature for dynamic graph visualizations: either graphs are represented as animated diagrams or as static charts based on a timeline. Evaluations of animated approaches focus on dynamic stability for preserving the viewer’s mental map or, in general, compare animated diagrams to timeline-based ones. A bibliographic analysis provides insights into the organization and development of the field and its community. Finally, we identify and discuss challenges for future research. We also provide feedback from experts, collected with a questionnaire, which gives a broad perspective of these challenges and the current state of the field.