Publications of the research group that appeared 2016 or later. For earlier publications, please visit Fabian Beck's Google Scholar or DBLP profile.


Publication records and collaboration networks are important for assessing the expertise and experience of researchers. Existing digital libraries show the raw publication lists in author profiles, whereas visualization techniques focus on specific subproblems. Instead, we look at publication records from various perspectives mixing low-level publication data with high-level abstractions and background information. This work presents VIS Author Profiles, a novel approach to generate integrated textual and visual descriptions to highlight patterns in publication records. We leverage template-based natural language generation to summarize notable publication statistics, evolution of research topics, and collaboration relationships. Seamlessly integrated visualizations augment the textual description and are interactively connected with each other and the text. The underlying publication data and detailed explanations of the analysis are available on demand. We compare our approach to existing systems by taking into account information needs of users and demonstrate its usefulness in two realistic application examples.