Mon, 10. Apr. 2017   Beck, Fabian

Identifying and Comparing Patterns in Eye Movement Data

New publication about visualizing eye movements of study particpants appears in the journal CGF and will be presented at EuroVis 2017.

To investigate how users look at an image or video, researchers record eye movement data with eye tracking devices. Visualizations help later view and analyze the recorded data. Up to date, however, such visualizations only provided limited support to compare data of different participants or to contrast viewing behavior of the same person in different situations. Together with researchers from the University of Stuttgart, we developed a novel visualization technique to facilitate such comparative analysis. It allows for finding similar patterns and quickly identifying unusual events. To design the technique, we could apply our broad experience in visual comparison of networks because eye movements can be abstracted and visualized as network structures. First feedback from three researchers using our visualization to analyze their study data is promising. A prototype implementation of our technique is available online: Radial Transition Graph Comparison Tool (RTGCT).   The article is accepted as a contribution to the interanational visualization conference EuroVis 2017, hosted in June in the city of Barcelona, Spain. It will be published in the international journal Computer Graphics Forum. More Information: