Sommersemester 21

Seminar Visualization for Social Good

Seminar (Bachelor/Master)

Seminar Visualization for Social Good (SV)

  • Shahid Latif
  • Shivam Agarwal
  • Prof. Dr. Fabian Beck
Summer Semester 2021
Thursday, 10:15-11:45 (weekly)
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We are offering a BA seminar course with the theme of "Visualizations for Social Good". We offer a range of topics for the course reflecting different social aspects such as education, energy, urban planning, pollution, global disease outbreaks, etc. As part of the seminar, the goal is to explore how visualizations are currently being used or can be used in real world scenarios to derive actionable insights or gain a deeper understanding of social issues. Besides the listed topics, students are also welcome to suggest a topic of their own interest within the theme “Visualization for Social Good”, on which they would like to work during the course. The course will be engaging, challenging, and offer plenty of learning opportunities.

  1. Visualizing Global Climate Data
  2. Visual Analysis of Goods Transportation in Global Trade
  3. Visual Analysis of Global (Renewable) Energy Demand and Supply
  4. Effectiveness of Visualizations to Report Global Outbreaks
  5. Visualizing the Impact of Traffic Pollution on Our Climate 
  6. Visualizing Progress Towards UN Sustainability Goals
  7. Visual Analysis of Lives/Infrastructure in Urban Areas
  8. Visualizations for Crowdsourced AI Development
  9. Using Visualization to Teach Machine Learning
  10. Using Visualization for Ethical and Trustworthy AI

For inspiration/ideas:

Note: Please feel free to self-enrol (no key required) in the moodle course page for more details and announcements.

We are offering a project course with the same topics encouraging collaboration between students of the two courses. Clarification on the topics and collaboration will be discussed in the first meeting.