Tue, 02. Apr. 2019   Agarwal, Shivam

Seminar: Visualization for Machine Learning

We are offering a seminar (Bachelor) on “Visualization for Machine Learning” in Summer Semester of 2019. The seminar will focus on exploring existing visualizations that are used to understand machine learning models and their...

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 Mon, 14. May. 2018   Latif, Shahid

Talking Realities: Data-Driven Audio Guides for Virtual Reality

We are offering a project group (Master) in the coming semester. The working language would be English.

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 Tue, 06. Feb. 2018   Beck, Fabian

Seminar "Geographic Visualization"

In addition to the lecture on "Information and Software Visualization" (Master), next semester, we are offering a seminar (Bachelor) on maps and how to represent data visually in this context.

 Fri, 10. Nov. 2017   Beck, Fabian

Open Position in Software Visualization

*Submission deadline extended until December 15* - The research group is looking for applications of PhD candidates to support the SoftwareDynamics² project

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 Tue, 05. Sep. 2017   Beck, Fabian

Teaching Program in Winter

"Computer Graphics" (Lecture) and "Big Data Visual Analytics" (Seminar)

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 Thu, 27. Apr. 2017   Beck, Fabian

New Project Group for Developing a Software Performance Visualization

In winter term 17/18, a project group course in the Master’s program will develop a visualization tool for analyzing varying software performance.

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 Mon, 03. Apr. 2017   Beck, Fabian

New Courses in Data Visualization

Starting this semester, two new courses in visualization complement the computer science curriculum in Essen.

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 Mon, 19. Dec. 2016   Beck, Fabian

Three Positions as Research Associate in “Visualization”

You are planning to do a PhD in computer science and are interested in visualization research? We are offering three full-time positions as research associate. Possible topics are:

Visualization of networks, hierarchies, and set...

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 Thu, 01. Dec. 2016   Beck, Fabian

Starting as Junior Professor

On December 1, 2016, Dr. Fabian Beck is appointed as Junior Professor in Informatics at the University of Duisburg-Essen. His group will research and teach topics of information and software visualization.

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