Mon, 14. May. 2018   Latif, Shahid

Exploring Interactive Linking Between Text and Visualization

This work will be presented at EuroVis 2018 as a short paper.

Visualizations are included as static images in conventional documents and they are referenced in the text. However, the far-off placement of relevant text and visualizations makes it hard to explore the cross-referencing. Web technologies provide the flexibility to create documents that allow exploring the visualization-text linking through interactions. For instance, readers can quickly discover related parts of a visualizations by clicking on specific segments of text or acquire details on demand. Considering more and more people are using hand-held electronic devices to read text documents, it is worthwhile to have Web-based interactive documents so that we can use the full potential of mobile devices. Our work provides a technical solution to code the interactive linking of text and visualization using specific markup within an HTML document. In the resulting interactive document, readers can visually compare two variables, acquire details on demand, and quickly understand presented information by visual highlighting. This work will be presented at EuroVis 2018 as a short paper. A demo of interactive examples created by our framework is available at the project page (