Tue, 21. Mar. 2017   Beck, Fabian

Visiting Pupils Develop Novel Visualizations

Workshop "Visualization" as part of the program for pupils "Informatik macht Innovation"

Today's computers and smartphones process large amounts of data in high velocity, too fast for a human to read along. To profit in the end from this technology, we want to understand what data is processed and which are the results of the computation. Visualization makes the data visible. In the workshop, the participants tried this in an example: How to create a meaningful and exciting graphics from a confusing bunch of numbers? We not only designed the appearance of the visualization, but also discussed which solutions are possible and how to generate such graphics automatically with a computer. Like the picture documents, our results are diverse and innovative. Big thanks to all the participants for their creative ideas and contributions! More information on the program (in German): "Informatik macht Innovation".